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Google Analytics Breakdown: Making it easy to understand all the SEO jargon – Part 1

December, 04 2017
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Jo Stephens

A Breakdown of SEO Jargon

SEO – Search Engine Optimization – can be a tricky world to navigate, but is essential for online marketing for law firms. Law Firm Sites is here to break down some of the most common terms regarding law firm website designs and organic online marketing.

On-page SEO describes strategies and tactics that occur on your legal website itself that have an impact on how search engines understand and rank your site in their results. When discussing SEO, the ranking results are based on evaluating key elements of the website and no money is paid to the search engines for placement.

Meta Tags

Meta tags are pieces of website information that occur in the behind-the-scenes code and play a role in organic rankings. According to best practices, as part of your lawyer website design, each page should have a unique Title and Description meta tag. Think of them as the headline and the summary of each page describing that page’s subject matter.

The title meta tag impacts your website’s organic rankings and it appears as the clickable link on the search engine results page.

The description meta tag is typically the text under the clickable link on the search engine results page. The description has no affect on your website’s rankings but can influence a person to click on your site or not.


Content are words in text form on your legal website and are the means to which search engines understand your site. Without content the search engines won’t know that your site is relevant to a search someone types in. One big ‘don’t’ when it comes to content is do not duplicate the words from one website or web page to another. This will only set your SEO efforts back. Be thorough and write novel text specific to your law firm on every page of your website. This allows the greatest opportunity to rank organically in the search engines.

Internal Links

Have you ever been on a website and while reading one of the sentences part of the sentence is blue or underlined? This is an internal link. And it’s an essential piece of a lawyer website design because it helps the search engines find pages deeper within the site. This enables them to capture or index those pages. The more pages indexed in the search engines the more opportunities your website will have to show up for searches related to your services.

Marketing for Law Firms

Law Firm Sites is also your guide for off-page SEO which refers to signals the search engines evaluate and take into consideration but that come from sources other than your own website. Finally, let Law Firm Sites assist you with marketing for law firms.

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