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Expansion is Progress: 15 Tips & Strategies to Grow Your Law Firm Online – Part 2

January, 22 2018
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Jo Stephens

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6. Quick Redesign

Not satisfied with the traffic that your site is bringing in? It might be time for a quick redesign. Take a look at your site not through the lens of legal web design, but through the eyes of a visitor. Figure out what works and what might turn a visitor away. With a little luck, you should be able to make some small tweaks to your law firm website design that will help.

7. Contact Information

If the goal of legal web design is to bring in more clients, you should make sure that those clients can actually reach you. Your contact information needs to be very easy to find, not hidden away on a separate page. Make sure that it is clearly visible on your home page and accessible on all other pages on your site. If you have any doubts, make sure to add the information to your site’s footer. Clear and available contact information is an absolute necessity for local SEO.

8. Start a Blog

Attorneys marketing their sites should always lean into their strengths. For many, this means using the written word to express legal ideas. When looking into your law firm website marketing, make sure you add a blog section. Adding these sections to your law firm sites will help you to gain more followers and keep up a constant stream of new, useful content. It’s one of the best moves you can make.

9. Good Home Page

If you are satisfied with the home pages of your law firm sites, you can assume the same of your visitors. A good front page will make the difference between a mediocre site and one that really attracts visitors. One of the most important parts of attorney advertising is making a good first impression, so make sure to do so here. Work on your home page even if that means taking time away from perfecting the other pages on your sites.

10. Embrace Reviews

Add reviews to your law firm sites in order to give potential visitors an idea of how your firm treats its clients. Yes, these can be a double-edged sword but linking to reviews also helps to build up your credibility. Word of mouth is often an important part of law firm marketing, so embrace it with a review section. Make sure to respond to any negative reviews, as well – it’s your chance to help steer the conversation. The more good law firm sites reviews you can link to, the more trustworthy your site and your practice will seem.

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