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E-Newsletters: Good or Bad?

November, 13 2017
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Making e-newsletters is the easy, effective solution to online attorney marketing. Lawyers can make brief, informative reports that are sent out to thousands of people. For your law firm, consider developing a marketing plan that includes the use of e-newsletters.

Online Newsletters

A regular newsletter is a cross between a brochure and a magazine. It highlights all of the current news and activities that are affecting a specific group or community. The information is designed like a magazine but shorter in length. E-newsletters are electronic versions that are sent out by email or available for download on a website.

Sending Out Newsletters

E-newsletters are designed to keep people informed about the latest news. Lawyers need to tell clients about recent cases that they are working and any changes being made within the firm. Also, many e-newsletters contain legal guides and links to other helpful resources. Furthermore, keeping people informed with updates is the main reason to run a newsletter.
You cannot put any information on an e-newsletter. It is designed to be concise and easy to read, so writing about the firm’s history is irrelevant. Send it out whenever you have interesting news, which is once a week or month for most companies. Sending it out too often will result in spam.
Anyone who signs up to receive your e-newsletter should get a copy. Do not send it out to random people whose names you have lying around the office. Also, give your recipients the option to opt out if they no longer want to receive it.

Get Help in Creating Newsletters

Few lawyers can handle the tasks of building a website, marketing it and working on legal cases at the same time. They should use the services of law firm sites to build e-newsletters and provide tips on how to keep people informed. The marketers know how to write sales copy that attracts readers’ attention. They build content with an effective SEO plan that generates more leads for your firm. Using e-newsletters to promote a website is mainly a good thing with few drawbacks. The work of preparing and sending out newsletters is concise and affordable for any budget. Therefore, hire professionals to handle any form of website marketing for attorneys. Finally, find the right law firm sites that specialize in online attorney marketing.

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