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Law Firm Sites provides five practice area pages for your new website.
This questionnaire will give us all the information we need for these pages.

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Please list the title of each practice area page you would like (separate each area with a comma). Please submit all areas on this single form.
For each area (separated by a line break) please explain what side you're on, who you defend, and who you go after. If this does not apply, please explain.
For each area (separated by a line break) please explain if there are any specific cases you help with. For example, if one of your areas is "Personal Injury," you might say, "car accidents, wrongful death, and medical malpractice."
What do you want to be referred as on your website? For example, do you want to be referred to as "Mr. Smith" or "Attorney Smith"? If you would rather only have reference to the entire firm, please explain.
Any keywords you want us to mention for each area?
Any geographic areas you would like for us to mention?
Do you have any content pages from competitors or a previous website that you like? (This helps us a lot with style and language for your content) Please include the links to the pages:
Are there any other requests you have for your content area pages? (Do you want statistics, specific attorneys mentioned, free consultations, awards, target audience, affiliations, etc.)
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