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Clients Scan Not Read: The Role Graphics and Bullet Points Have on Your Law Firm Website Design

August, 31 2017
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Jo Stephens
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Creating website content in the modern era means implementing strategies that today’s consumers will absorb. As a result, graphics and bullet points are necessary features for your law firm website design.

Digesting Content

A modern law firm website needs to use graphics and bullet points because visitors are usually not looking to read through walls of text. Also, many visitors to your website are looking for solutions to problems; they may not have the time or the emotional endurance to examine lengthy passages.

Aesthetically Appealing

If potential clients arrive at your website and see that it is filled with paragraphs, they may quickly turn away. Sites that have a great deal of writing on them often look clustered and overwhelming. Those feelings are not the ones you want to impart to people who are experiencing stressful situations to begin with.


Using graphics and bullet points also helps to increase the navigability of the website. When visitors arrive, they likely want to find the information that they need quickly. If they have to read through a lengthy essay, this inquiry is halted. Instead, they can scan through the page to find the image or the list that best matches with their needs.

Delivery of Information

Chances are that you want to convey some important points to potential clients before they move forward in the process. For example, you may want to let them know that your services directly match their needs. Law firm sites that use graphics and bullet points can present this information in a way that doesn’t sound convoluted.


Establishing rapport with your clients is important because you may be working with them for a long time on personal issues. People who see websites that are filled with text may think that the firm is too complicated for them. The graphics and bullet points can immediately help your firm to start building rapport.

Today’s client does not read through pages or text to find answers to his or her inquiries. Instead, clients want to see graphics and bullet points to guide them and to provide them with their desired information.

Law Firm Sites can provide you with the right balance of content and graphics to help visitors and potential clients convert.

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