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33 Best Personal Injury Attorney Websites

December, 21 2022
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Jo Stephens
Levitsky Law Firm

For over 20 years, we’ve built website designs for thousands of clients, many of them being personal injury attorney website designs. 

Often, people who are searching for a personal injury lawyer are in a time crunch, so they’ll make a decision to hire a lawyer quickly. 

Because of this, your personal injury website design needs to be unique enough to grab their attention and professional enough for them to take you seriously.

You already know that your services will be able to help your client–you have the experience, the education, and the commitment to do so, but you need to be able to showcase that through your website.

Here are a few of our favorite designs for the best personal injury attorney websites that can serve as inspiration as you design your own website. 

Munro-Delatto Law

pi lawyer web design

Levitsky Law Firm

personal injury website

Siegfried & Jensen

law firm website design

Howard, Lewis, & Petersen

personal injury law firm websites

Workman Injury Law

best law firm website design companies

Premier Injury Law Firm

best law firm website design

Law Offices of David M. Doré

law firm website designers

Sweet Justice

website design for law firm


Stephen H. Ratliff

personal injury website

Ronald V. Cole Law

personal injury law firm websites

Kevin P. Markey

Markey Law Office

Neri Law Group

neri law group

Ashton Thomas

ashton thomas

Alta Legal

Alta Legal

Stearns Kim Stearns and Ryan

Stearns Kim Stearns & Ryan

Broussard Law

Broussard Law

BHD Law Group


Robbins DiMonte

Robbins DiMonte

Nasseh Sirounis

Nasseh Sirounis

Kaloustian Law Group

Kaloustian Law Group

The McLario Firm


Brenner Hubble

Brenner Hubble

Aleman Law

Aleman Law

Benson Allred

Benson Allred

Maggs Law Offices

Maggs Law Offices

Grayson & Grayson

Grayson & Grayson

Ramsey and Murray

Ramsey & Murray

Forman and Associates

Forman & Associates

Anderlini & Mcsweeney

Anderlini & McSweeney

Blevins and Adams

Blevins and Adams

Cahill & Perry, P.C.

Cahill and Perry

Gary M. Price

Gary Price

Law Offices of David H. Wong

david wong


Personal Injury Law Firm Website Tips

When designing your website, you want to keep the following in mind:

  • Customize your law firm website design
  • Localize your SEO
  • Be Specific
  • Create Useful Content, and
  • Hire an experienced team

Here are some other marketing tips.

Diversify your marketing

There are many different avenues your law firm can take for personal injury lawyer marketing, there’s social media marketing, advertising, PPC marketing, local commercials, billboards, email campaigns, and of course, SEO marketing. Because your target market is diverse, your marketing strategy also needs to come from different channels. Luckily, the law firm marketing team at Law Firm Sites can help with many of these avenues.

Stay Relevant

You’ll notice that great website designs for personal injury law firms will have content that is relevant to current events and local news, and it’s a strategy you may want to start. For example, was there recently a news report of a major car accident? You could create a blog that details the events of the accident, what the legal process is, and how you could help if readers find themselves in a similar situation.

Have High-Quality Images

We’ve found that personal injury law firm websites that have stunning images have a massive impact on the design and feel. All of our website designs have high-quality images for this very reason. 

Personal Injury Attorney Websites Experts

If your website is in need of a redesign and an update in marketing plans, don’t hesitate to ask us how we can help. We have 20 years of experience in this area.

Do you want to see your site with a new look?