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blog-networkSome people know what a blog is–others are confused by it. A blog really is nothing more than giving a person the ability to update a website easily. The term blog is used for a program that actually is used to give updates on events, items of interest or even a personal journal. Many companies are using blogs to greatly improve their search engine rankings and other online marketing strategies. Search engines grant a higher level of importance to websites with blogs due to frequent updates and targeted content.

Something that is difficult for a person who purchases a blog to understand is how much time and effort goes into keeping a blog interesting and fresh. Providing you with a blog is one thing, keeping it updated on a weekly or even daily basis is another. Many of our website packages come with a blog.

Content Writing

This is among the most time consuming aspect to a customer when it comes to finishing their new website. We have a staff of content writers that are excellent at what they do and are trained in marketing and search engine optimization. Our team can write the content for your law firm website at a great rate. This will both save you time and money in the long run because our team will use the content to help drive business to your lawyer website. You can only get this from us – Law Firm Sites, Inc.

E-Commerce Websites

online-shoppingBuilding a website that can sell items over the internet has become a multi-billion dollar industry. Any business that sells a product can do so through the internet in most cases. Some would argue that selling Justin Timberlake’s french toast or the right to name a woman’s baby is going over the line but to each his own. Most companies, however, are in competition with competitors on pricing and service. The first impression many have of a company is their website and shopping cart. Our team understands that the end user of the site is worried less about minor details such as color scheme or placement of a picture but rather pricing, quality and speed of fulfillment. Our designs and shopping carts help you achieve all three.

Click E-Commerce Websites for more information on getting a quote on your e-commerce project.

jQuery Animation

jQuery animation is a fantastic way to relate a message quickly to your website visitor. jQuery has many benefits but also has a good deal of drawbacks. The trick to using jQuery is knowing when and where to use it. For example, intro jQuery pages were the rage about 6-7 years ago. The intro pages where you would watch a brief explanation of what the company does before seeing anything else on the page. Webmasters put “Skip Intro” at the bottom of the page because so many people did not want to view this. When Google changed their ranking methodology to reward sites without intro pages- it basically ended the development of these pages.

Now people are using elements of jQuery in their website with the same principle. We now can use a portion of the front page (less that 10%) to visually demonstrate what a company does. It is a great way to catch a new visitor’s attention and if used correctly- help lead to better retention of current clients. The developers and animators at Law Firm Sites understand the balance that must be struck when using jQuery animation and will help guide your site in the right direction.


Hosting is a service that Law Firm Sites, Inc. always has provided free of charge to all of our new clients. It is another way to offer a benefit our competition doesn’t. Call us today to know more. Our servers are located in London and Tampa with daily backup’s being performed. Our uptime is over 99% and current host over 1,200 client websites.


A logo is the first step to branding a company. Creativity plays a huge role in developing and producing a logo. This little graphic can tell a story about your business and what type of market you are competing in. A law firm is going to have a much different look and feel to their logo than a child clothing store chain. In the end it comes down to the personal preference of the client. Our creative team enjoys building logos during the development of the website because they can use their creative juices in a unique way. We have to combine business savvy with creative genius. Law Firm Sites has been building logos, websites and blogs for over 8 years and understands the balance.

Marketing Consulting

The marketing professionals at Law Firm Sites, Inc. are strategy experts in your Google ranking as well as giving you advice to help your website be a success. Placement of products and the way they are displayed, researching your competition to learn their strategies as well as how to capture new markets through keyword research gives our team a unique ability to give you advice that will turn into revenue dollars.


programmingOur programming teams are perfectionists when it comes to custom software creation for web usage. Programming clients include ESPN, Field & Stream and Financial Counselors of America. The programming process works only with a high level of communication and documentation. The team will only begin a project when a site requirements document (a document containing all functions and needs of the software) is signed. We will then graphically build the project to ensure the software will look as good as it performs. Once the design and documentation phases are complete our team will write the software and launch the website. The website will be ready for the client review and testing.

Each programming project is different in size and budget. Law Firm Sites, Inc. builds all lawyers web design and software in the United States by experienced professionals.

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