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8 Tip to Boost Local Reviews for Your Law Firm

November, 27 2017
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Jo Stephens
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If you have a law firm or run marketing for one, you know that it can be difficult to rank highly in local SEO. The key is not to panic, however. While it is difficult if you don’t have the right tools, techniques, and advice, it is possible with a powerful strategy. Here are 8 tips to boost local reviews for your lawyers advertising plan:

1. Cards

There is a concept in law firm website design called cards. These are the pictures and information areas that pop up when someone clicks on your company’s profile. Don’t leave this blank. Put effort into your cards to brand your business in the right way for a powerful first impression.

2. Citations

With Google and other search engines, you need to list your company’s information in a consistent manner. You don’t want to waste time by using different information on different services.

3. Reviews

Don’t be shy about reviews. Ask your customers for reviews every time. This helps you climb the ranks faster.

4. Referrals

When you have a lot of referrals, your ranking goes up. This is because people enter your business in online searches and click your page more.

5. On-Page SEO

Search engine put the best websites first. This means you need to have good SEO on your pages so they can crawl your site and rank it.

6. Off-Page SEO

Meta descriptions and link building can take you far. They can often make up for mistakes made on the on-page SEO side of things.

7. Agency Help

Don’t underestimate how much an agency can help you. They have special resources to boost your rankings faster. A law firm marketing company like Law Firm Sites can help you with this.

8. Persistence

Being consistent and persistent are key in law webisites. Your phone number, address, and name should be identical across the web. This keeps you from having to redo the information to get better results in the future.

When it comes to ranking highly for local reviews on law websites, you want to get in front of the problem. Don’t wait until you are last in your market to start trying to climb the ranks. Instead, implement a consistent strategy. Law Firm Sites can help you with this.That way, you’ll get reviews that put you ahead of the competition now and into the future.

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