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Google Experiments: Figuring Out What Works

January, 15 2018
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Jo Stephens

If you run or own a law firm, then you need to have the right web technology in place to ensure your site is bringing you the right kinds of clients in the right numbers. If you don’t, your competing firms could take clients away from you. One of the ways to leverage the internet to your advantage today is through marketing for lawyers and Google Experiments.

But what are Google Experiments and how can they help your firm achieve your goals?

Google Experiments 101

As a part of Google Analytics, Google Experiments help you track certain goals for your website. For example, you can change variations of headlines or opt-in forms to get more clients on your email list with a few clicks.

How It Can Help Your Business

Experiments can change your law firm drastically by allowing you to get more specific than ever before and test the marketing of your law firm’s website. You can optimize it for any goal you can imagine: more clients, more signups, or simply more views.

Getting Help From the Professionals

The above advice can be very useful to your law firm, but Law Firm Sites is a professional lawyer website design company that can help you with your attorney marketing. Therefore, you can focus on actually serving your clients. They use their staff and trained personnel to implement the experiments and perform ongoing testing for you. Marketing for lawyers, especially with technology like Google Experiments, can be a hassle. But with the help of Law Firm Sites you can get the website development and design you need to grow your firm.

When it comes to law firm websites, you need to be able to see which variations of your site are giving you the best results. With Google Experiments you can do this in a way that doesn’t eat up additional resources. However, it can take a while to implement. To avoid using your valuable time that should be spent doing what you do best, have professionals help you get the most out of your firm’s site with Google Experiments. Then sit back and relax while you have more qualified clients in your doors than ever before.

Do you want to see your site with a new look?