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News Flash: Google Pop-Up Penalty for Mobile Sites Now in Motion

December, 04 2017
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Jo Stephens

As first reported by Search Engine Land, Google is cracking down on mobile pop-up and popover ads. Such interstitials and calls to action were a standard part of law firm website marketing for years. Search engines and online advertisers are responding to the prevalence of web access on mobile devices. It is no longer enough for law firm sites to have responsive designs. They must load quickly on mobile and reduce intrusions to the user experience.

Pop-Up Pest

Pop-ups and other interstitial advertising was an excellent substitution for the landing page. They permitted law websites to implement a similar action funnel, regardless of which page a visitor landed upon. However, over time they began to lose their effectiveness as a part of law marketing. Users began to see them as a nuisance. In addition to becoming a barrier with user engagement, Google has begun to penalize the search engine results of law firm sites that use that marketing method.

Engage Your Visitors

Lawyer advertising online requires engaging content to be successful. Modern internet users demand well-written articles, as well as fast and accessible mobile web design. A visitor to legal websites should be able to access information without a lot of annoying pop-ups or ads. Also, the key is to present a professional design that communicates authority and competence. If they feel as though they are encountering spam, users will lose trust in the legal services offered.

Lawyer Advertising Requires Professionals

It is recommended that legal clients utilize professional web design and online marketing services. HTML, Javascript libraries, and other languages and tools used in developing websites have evolved considerably in recent years. Google and other standards influencers are constantly adjusting their metrics and algorithms. Therefore, expert assistance in handling all of those technical issues is irreplaceable. Finally, professionals with experience in law firm website marketing will be prepared to make a fast, responsive mobile site that will draw in users and avoid search engine results penalties.

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