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Why Does My Firm Need a Website? – Law Firm Web Design

January, 23 2013
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Jo Stephens

A professional  law firm web design will increase profits in your business by generating new business and providing new information to existing customers. Even small, local-based companies can benefit from a nice business website design.

The internet is the number one source for information for today’s consumer.  A  law firm website is a full time marketing opportunity, being available to your clients 24 hours a day. Even if your  law firm web design provides only basic information on your business services and some contact information, it can drive new clientele your direction.  Simply providing directions or a map of your law firm can make it easier for new customers to find you.  Providing general information and answers to frequently asked questions can save you time and effort by repeating those answers in person. The public now expects reputable businesses to have a website; they have stopped looking in phone books and newspapers for goods and services.

Being Part of a Global Market

Having a quality web design allows you to compete for business on a global market.  Even if your product or service cannot be sold over the internet; if you do not have a law firm website, you are losing clients to similar clients that do have sites.  Additionally, a webpage is a marketing tool unlike any other, and available at a fraction of the price.  No newspaper or radio ad can provide you specific information about how many people heard or saw your advertisement.  With a webpage, you can not only count the number of visits to your page, but you can see how they got there, where they are from and how long they stayed on your site.

Do you want to see your site with a new look?