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Who Are Legal Blogs For?

July, 19 2019
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Jo Stephens
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Some lawyers incorrectly assume a blog isn’t worth their time. But a United Nations report revealed that 47 percent of the world’s population uses the internet. Out of that 47 percent, some are searching for a lawyer. Here’s how legal blogs are beneficial for law firms and potential clients.

Display Legal Expertise A legal blog allows a law firm to shine. For example, say that a law firm specializes in personal injuries. When a potential client checks its website, they should find information about personal injury cases. A blog with well-written and finely-focused entries shows the firm is knowledgeable about its practice area.

Blog Content Attracts Clients
Search engines love blogs with useful content. And a blog is the place where you can provide a steady stream of good articles. But search engine optimization is what attracts Google and potential clients. Law Firm Sites Inc specializes in website design for law firms. A law firm needs good lawyer web design in order to project a professional image. When it’s time to update or add a blog to your law firm’s website, make sure to use website design professionals.

Clients Get Immediate Answers
An effective way to attract clients is by answering their questions. How do you know their questions? By checking search terms people use when asking legal questions. With this information, it’s possible to tailor blog content. Potential clients ask things like “do I need a lawyer to fight a traffic ticket,” or “how can a lawyer help me fight a drug charge.”

Creating a Good Legal Blog
A reputable lawyer web design firm can help reach potential clients. A law firm could hire a general website design company or one that specializes in website design for law firms is experienced in working with lawyers. Law Firm Sites Inc is such a company that focuses on servicing law firms.

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