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What does a Responsive web design look like?

February, 06 2017
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Jo Stephens
Responsive Design

Website design has shifted greatly in recent years. Until only a few years ago, websites were created with a fixed dimension. Due to this, in order to view content on your computer you had to scroll not only up and down, but also left and right. As most computer screens were around the same size, the need to scroll left and right did not prove all too common. However, as more and more sizes of screen hit the market, on top of different operating systems, browsers and plug-ins, the need for a user to continually shift and alter their viewing space became the norm. That is why responsive Web design has proven crucial.

What Is Responsive Web Design

Instead of building a website to fixed points, a responsive website is constructed so it can easily shift to fit the browser screen. This way, the content on the design is fluid and can grow or shrink with how someone is viewing it. By doing this, users on different operating systems, browsers and devices do not need to continually shift and scroll their page.

What Does a Responsive Web Design Look Like

With a responsive Web design for attorneys; the content automatically sizes itself to the viewing window. It will also alter in size should a user increase the browser’s viewing area or decrease it. This way, scrolling left and right is almost completely unnecessary. It also ensures someone on a tablet can view the same content as someone on a desktop.

How You Can Achieve Responsive Law Firm Sites

Without a responsive Web design for attorneys, you run the risk of visitors missing important information on your site. You need to make sure the law firm sites created for you always showcase essential information. Let Law Firm Sites help you build and achieve a responsive website.

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