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What Are Millennials Looking For In A Lawyer Website?

May, 10 2019
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Jo Stephens
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Millennials, who are in their early 20s to late 30s, make up one-quarter of the U.S. population. Taking their unique characteristics into account is vital when marketing legal services to them. For example, millennials adopt new technology quickly; law firm sites have to be responsive to adapt to ever-changing screen sizes on devices.

Millennials are web-savvy. Law firms with modern websites will have a competitive advantage over competitors with tired websites built 10 years ago and never updated. Law firm website design is an art; the site has to have the latest trends in web design while making the firm appear trustworthy and authoritative.

Lawyers should have multiple ways for potential clients to contact them on their website, including click-to-call for mobile visitors, a text messaging option, a chatbot, a contact form and a phone number. Millennials will be familiar with all these methods so they will chose which way they prefer to contact a law firm website design

Stellar website content attracts millennials. They are most likely to find law firm sites from a Google search and expect to learn all they need to know about a firm from their website. Millennials will expect a content-rich, easy to navigate website where they can find in-depth information pertaining to their legal problem.

Law firm website design should incorporate reviews, which millennials trust. Reviews are the new word of mouth, replacing asking friends or family for recommendations. Law firms can ask clients to leave Google reviews and provide a link to make it easy for them. Web designers will have no trouble embedding Google reviews on a law firm’s website. Don’t worry about one bad review. Millennials are adept at determining the overall sentiment of reviews.

Having a specialty web design firm build a website for a law firm ensures the content is factual and does not contain legal jargon. Legal web design firms also use calls to action which encourage visitors to contact the law firm.

For those seeking a new or refreshed website design, contact Law Firm Sites today to begin the process and discuss details for your project.

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