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Web Design Checklist

November, 26 2013
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Jo Stephens

There are a few design elements that our team at Law Firm Sites, Inc. always checks for when creating their totally unique and custom law firm websites. Our designs are the first thing that a client sees from us, before even signing a contract, so we always seek to make the best first impression.

Primarily, we want a clean, easy to update design and interior structure. We find that attorney websites often require updates and maintenance. In order to keep up with the firm’s growth, we also need to design a site that is flexible. If it were difficult just to add a new navigation button for a practice area, then something is wrong with the fundamental design. You should be able to freely add and remove elements from your pages.

Next, we seek to create user-friendly navigation. If customers cannot find contact information or a home page link, then we have a usability problem. We have found that user-friendly experiences follow clean design, so we start with the first, but make sure that the user experience drives more people in to our clients’ firms.

When considering user experience, it is important to incorporate our next topic, fast loading, “light” pages. When surfing the web, most users will leave a site if it takes too long to load, this means that we need to keep flash to small quantities.

Speaking of flash, the next item on our checklist is to make sure that flash is not overrunning our site. Google does not index flash or videos, only text content, so it is important to your SEO ranking that we do not overuse this fun and eye-catching technology.

The final item on the checklist comes down to the philosophy of law firm web design. The most important purpose behind a website is to convey a message to the user. If people come to your site and they don’t know what you do, then you should just start completely over. We make sure that visitors can easily see what you and your website are about. Good design carries the message first.

To learn more about our design philosophies, techniques, and tools click here or call us today at (800) 932-8242.

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