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Slow Website Speed? 5 Things that could be the cause

March, 30 2018
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Jo Stephens

Speed and convenience are two major factors that make a good lawyer website. Most online visitors are impatient and want pages that load up quickly. One of their main complaints is usually the lack of speed. So, here are 5 reasons why you might have a slow website speed.

Why You Might Have a Slow Website Speed

1. Inefficient Web Host

Your website’s performance is determined by the Web host server. A shared server requires that you share your resources with other websites. Your site is affordable, but the speed and levels of quality are reduced.

2. Too Many Videos

Anyone who watches videos online knows that the process is challenging. Some videos take several minutes or even hours to load properly. Law Firm Sites Inc is one company that conducts tests to remove the videos and see if that resolves the problem.

3. Too Many Images

Every website owner wants to include visuals in the legal website design. The images do not take a long time to load like videos do. However, when too many images are placed on one page, the clutter increases and the speed decreases.

4. Overload of Codes

An overload of HTML codes will clog up your website and slow down its performance. Remove excessive code by deleting more videos, images and webpages. Consider using tools to monitor your page loading speeds.

5. Overload of Traffic

A lot of traffic is good for any online business. It slows down your website, though, if you’re using a shared server. Consider using a private server that has more space to support more visitors.

The Internet has given rise to countless websites and businesses. Your site is only one of many that are competing for the same customers. Law Firm Sites Inc helps you to remain competitive in attorney marketing and find out why you have a slow website speed, whether it’s because of too many images or HTML codes. Using their services, figure out what’s causing the problem and improve the speed immediately.

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