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Sincerely Who? 6 Tips for Writing a Great Signature Block

December, 26 2017
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Formatting a Great Signature Block

Not much has changed in correspondence formatting. This includes a great signature block for websites.

The major element of design for legal websites is an image of confident professionalism. Furthermore, legal website design should coordinate with the law firm website content.

Websites for lawyers, unlike those for other types of businesses, fall within the category of formal presentation rather than casual commercialism used by businesses who market goods or services.

Thus, attorney marketing retains a sense of overall optics that attracts a higher volume of traffic when websites for lawyers address formality rather than a more casual style.

The Optics of Attorney Marketing

In the minds of potential legal clients searching for law firm sites, there is the need to feel reassured of legal expertise in a particular field of law. When legal website design appears too casual, client reassurance decreases.

Within the optics of marketing for the legal profession is balance between content and law firm sites. To develop this balance, logo, graphical imagery and optics need to fulfill the message within site content.

Content for Law Firm Sites

To develop balance between site design and content, content should reflect a person to person communication style. Use keywords within content, including the great signature block that creates client response.

Great Signature Blocks for Legal Websites

The final paragraphs and sentences in legal websites are crucial to activating client response. Six tips for a great signature block include:

1. Refer back to content claims and citations
2. Include a reminder of legal expertise
3. Promote effectiveness and convenience of site use
4. Create a definitive call to action 
5. Include disclaimers if applicable
6. Offer additional contact information for site blogs

All of the above signature blocks should contain a percentage of keywords contained in site content. This can be done as a link that will appear when a client clicks on the words or phrases within the content, for example, “the law firm of Rogers and Williams.”

Finally, for additional details on how to create links in content, contact the website design and development company for law firms found at

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