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Pros & Cons: Email Marketing

April, 13 2018
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Jo Stephens

Pros and Cons Of Email Marketing

Email marketing is one of the many methods of marketing for law firms. If you are interested in using this for law marketing, then it is important to note that there are pros and cons.


Cost Savings

Law firm marketers like using email marketing because it is cost-effective. Maintaining an email list is a lot less expensive than maintaining a regular mailing list. It is also free to send out emails.


Email is often used for law firms marketing because it is easy to keep track of the results. You can keep track of which emails are active. You can also keep track of people who no longer wish to receive emails.


Email is a popular option for attorneys marketing because it can save time. You can reach millions of people in a few minutes with email marketing.


Many people like to use email for law firm marketing because it allows them to segment their marketing so that it reaches their target population. You can target customers based on their age, birth date and total orders. Segmenting emails will increase your open rates.



Many people question how reliable it is to use email for attorneys marketing. Many customers receive several emails from companies each day. That is why it is common people to delete the emails. There is also a possibility that the emails will end up in the spam folder.


Some companies prefer not to use email as a form of marketing for law firms because they are afraid that it will damage their reputation. Many people will think less about a company if they receive a lot of emails from it.

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