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The Process: Steps To Getting Your Website Built

February, 06 2014
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Jo Stephens

Step One: The Design

The first step to building your new custom attorney website is designing your theme. To do this we usually start with a sample home page and revise the designs looks and user approach until you are satisfied that the site will reflect your company values and professional style. We also take into account your competitors and current design techniques. But it’s important to keep in mind that there is a marketing element to the design of the site beyond just looks. For example, the Nielsen Norman Group did a study on how users tour websites. They determined it is in the shape of an F. We use this information to help us build you a better site.

To read more about the study please read their article about it by click the following link:

Step Two: Development

The next step to creating your custom lawyer site is developing the rest of your interior pages—like firm history, attorney profiles, and practice areas—using the front page as a guide. We will input all content, photos and other media necessary to make your website a complete package. If your site requires any kind of programming we will take care of that in this phase of development.

Step Three: Edits

Now the site is ready for your full review and remaining minor edits. We make them for you or you can make them. We give you the choice.

Step Four: Launch

This is the easiest step. We launch your site and monitor it for any errors or patterns of traffic that concern us. We also look at the law firm SEO and make sure the site ranks well on Google. This is very important to getting your brand and your business seen by your potential clients.

Developing a website properly takes time and testing. We want each of our clients happy with the process so communication is key. We love what we do. Building websites is at the core of our expertise. And it’s a fun process.

Do you want to see your site with a new look?