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One Block At a Time: Building Links for Your Site – Part 2

January, 19 2018
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Jo Stephens
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How Do You Build Backlinks

In order to get as much traffic to your website as possible, your law firm website marketing plan needs to be heavily devoted to securing backlinks from popular websites. Especially from sites search engines see as being authorities in your industry.


A great way to accomplish this is to write guest posts for other websites or blogs. This might sound a little bit counterintuitive. Why would you want to write content for someone else’s blog rather than for your own? But it is not an either-or strategy.

You want to have content on your own website, but also want to get content published on other people’s websites. Therefore, you can get backlinks from those websites pointing to your own.

The content that you write for other people‘s blogs as guest posts need to be of very high-quality. These articles should be well-written if you expect someone else to approve them for publication on their own website.

Nobody wants to ruin their own reputation by publishing low quality content on their blog. So make sure these guest posts are very helpful for the readers, as their quality will affect the host website’s reputation as well as your own.

Once you have some high-quality blog post written and ready to go as guest posts, you can begin pitching them to other website owners. Look for popular websites that already rank well and have large audiences that would be interested in your services.

Not only will these articles get your firm’s name in front of new audiences to attract potential clients, but the links themselves will also improve your search rankings over time. So each backlink you get from guest posting on another website is a powerful one-two punch that can lead to big increases in both referral traffic and search traffic to your law firm website.

Internal Links

But backlinks are not the only type of links that you want to be building. Your lawyer website design should also incorporate internal links between blog posts on your own website. These internal links are valuable because they allow search engines to index larger chunks of your website.

Internal links also guide your readers deeper into your website to find additional information to help them answer their questions and resolve their legal issues. And you can use these internal links to guide new leads to landing pages where you can capture their contact information to get in touch with them directly.

Ask the Professionals on Law Firm Website Marketing

If you are unsure of how to create internal links on your site, need help building backlinks on other websites or want to improve the visual aspects of your attorney website design layouts, then contact Law Firm Sites today.

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