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Moving Locations: What to do Online

May, 19 2021
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Jo Stephens
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Your law firm doesn’t need to be moving far to trigger some changes on the internet. Here’s a quick checklist for things you’ll want to do if your law firm is moving.

Update wherever your firm is listed

Change the listed location/contact info on your law firm websites. This one seems obvious, but it’s easy to fall through the cracks. Thankfully a quick change to the headers and footer should change every page. Just make sure if there are any other spots on your law firm website where your contact info is located (at the end of blog posts, for example) that those are updated.

Change the listed location/contact info on your social media pages. If your law firm uses multiple social media platforms (Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn, Instagram, to name a few), then you should make sure this info is updated on your page—and the firm’s page, and the pages of any partners.

Change the listed location/contact on your Lawyer Review websites. For SEO purposes, your law firm should be listed on lawyer review sites and law firm directories, like FindLaw, Nolo, and Avvo. This is why it’s a good best practice to keep an ongoing spreadsheet of your law firm’s presence online, so you can quickly navigate to each and every place your law firm is listed and update the contact info there.

Change the listed location/contact on your Google business listing. This is an extra important step because so many potential clients will be using Google to locate their business. Moreover, a Google listing is a huge boost in location-based SEO that lands your law firm at the top of the Google Search map (literally).

Update all communications

Change your email auto-responses and signatures. This is another easy one to overlook, but considering that it directly puts your contact info in front of current and potential clients, it’s important to update.

Update all marketing material, such as business cards and advertisements. Never underestimate the power of printed marketing material, even in today’s digital age. If your law firm has any ads on billboards or on the sides of city busses, you’ll definitely want to change that as well. Always remember to save a record of your transactions with marketing companies so you can quickly locate their contact info and give them a call.

Announce the Move

Create a blog post/social media post about the business move to avoid confusion. Most clients are not going to realize you’ve moved just because you change the address or phone number around the internet. Avoid any potential confusion by calling some direct attention to the move. To celebrate the move while also calling attention to it, you might consider doing a raffle or giveaway.

SEO Keyword Research

Research and start ranking for new location-based keywords. Many location-based keywords relate to actual locations (parks, streets, buildings, etc.). These words, for SEO for attorneys purposes, should appear in some of your web content moving forward.

Hire the Trusted Team at Law Firm Sites

As you can see, there is a lot to keep track of, even if it’s straightforward. Some of it involves updating contact info, but other components involve active SEO work moving forward. The team here at Law Firm Sites can help update your web presence and boost your lawyer SEO marketing if your law firm is moving…or any time, for that matter, even if your law firm is staying put. Contact us for help with your lawyer websites today. 

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