Live Chat: Pros & Cons

December 04, 2017
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An attorney web page needs to bring in clients, which is it’s purpose. One way it can do that is with a live chat function. Law Firm Sites can help with web design for law firms, including a live chat function, creating an elegant design that flows well and helps attract clients.

Live chat pros

When people are looking for a lawyer online, they tend to be in something of a state of flow. Clicking one link after another, searching for the information that helps them choose a lawyer. Breaking that flow to call and ask a question isn’t something they’re interested in. Often, it will result in visitors leaving your page.

Give them a live chat option, however, and you have their attention. People have short attention spans and want immediate responses. In a world of immediate gratification, your live chat feature can be the make or break thing that makes a client decide to hire you.

Designed properly by a law web designer, it can also glean information from potential clients, such as email addresses. This allows you to follow up with them later, another minor touch that could make the difference in hiring you.

Live chat cons

Live chat requires an immediate response. Within seconds (no more than minutes) someone from your office must be able to respond to them. This means that you need to have someone available during all hours the live chat is online.

Additionally, there will be many times that a client will ask questions regarding specific legal situations. Having one of your lawyers available to answer those questions would be ideal, because a promise to get back to the client later tends to defeat the purpose of the live chat. Some people may also try to use it as a free consultation to get as much information as possible, so you’ll need to define what you’ll answer and what you won’t.

Law Firm Sites can help create a web design for law firms that includes a live chat feature, among other features that would benefit your attorney web page. A law web designer can work with you to define exactly what you’d like and create a site you can be proud of.