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April, 09 2007
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Jo Stephens

In the competitive legal websites industry, there are a few particularly outstanding competitors that we have worked hard to learn from. Among LawFirmSites finest competitors, we have:,, and of course, Each of these worthy competitors seems to focus on a particular aspect of this ever-changing industry. LawFirmSites has been careful to learn from these companies. We believe we’ve taken away three things our competitors have taught us best.

Get a LawFirmSites Blog

Sure, everyone’s doing it. And why not? Blogging increases traffic, SERPs, and backlinks in a natural, search-engine friendly way. As more relevant content is added and updated, search-engines and users keep coming back to check for more. Plus, relevant content means better content keywords. As well as better weighted headings and the likelihood that someone in your industry will link to you. All of these have a positive affect on your SERPs without the risk of being penalized for tactics other companies might employ to get you the top. If you’re a current LawFirmSites, client, contact us immediately about blog installation. If you aren’t with us yet, we hope you’ll remedy that as soon as possible.

Develop a portfolio

It doesn’t matter what industry you’re in, a “portfolio” is an easy way for clients to see what you’ve got. Lawyers use testimonials and case result pages to show a prospective client their successes in the field. For web design, clients need to see a dozen websites before they get an idea of what a design firm can do for them. Lawfirmsites has been recently proactive about showing prospective clients, and new, current clients, the kind of work our current customer base has come to be so loyal to. At lawfirmsites, we do everything we can to keep our portfolio designs moving around. So, clients get the broadest and most praiseworthy look at what we’ve done. Head on over to our lawfirmsite clients to see what we mean.

Let clients contact you in many ways

This one is so simple, you can overlook it completely. If a prospective client of has the least bit of trouble talking to someone who can answer their questions, get them a quote, and start the process moving, they’ll start looking elsewhere. We’ve learned from painful personal experience. That’s why we have a toll-free number, email addresses, a contact form, and of course, account managers standing by to make sure you can reach us when you need to. Because we know what it’s like to want a fresh, new, look, and to want it immediately. LawFirmSites is committed to bringing you the kind of designs that can last well into your firm’s most efficient and productive years.

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