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How To Get A Reporter To Quote You

October, 24 2016
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Jo Stephens

Getting attention from the media matters in every field, but it is especially important for attorneys. Quotes in the media – whether from on TV, radio, or in the newspaper – can help drive attention for your practice. As well as draw potential clients to your law firm websites.

Whenever you’re working on a legal engagement that is interesting to the general public, it’s important to consider whether it’s worthwhile to get more attention for your client and yourself. In many instances, this can do more than help you win in the court of public opinion; it can be very beneficial for your public image.

Developing relationships with reporters – especially the newspaper, television, and radio journalists who cover the courthouse beat – is particularly important to becoming quotable. If you can build a strong relationship, you will be asked to comment on more than your own cases. Reporters may seek you out as an expert commenter on cases in which you are not involved.

You may also want to consider press releases when you have particularly interesting information to share with reporters. You don’t need a PR firm to develop them. Simply do some research on the reporters who cover the legal system in your area. Send them an email with the important details – the who, what, when, where and why – of your case. It won’t always work, but reporters will frequently call you back for an interview after they receive a press release.

Social Media

Finally, establishing yourself on a social media channel like Twitter is an important strategy to getting quoted. Weighing in on controversial issues on social media and engaging in digital conversations with reporters is a strong way to get your name in the public domain. As well as establish your authority on legal topics, making reporters more likely to quote you.

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