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Family Law Attorneys: How to Brand to Both Males and Females

January, 05 2017
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Jo Stephens
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All attorneys need a strong client base, and that means playing to the widest audience possible. In the case of family law attorneys, one issue you may encounter is the ability to secure both male and female clients. Many people associate family law with women’s issues and see custody battles as hopeless for men. Read on to find out how you can clear up this misconception and recruit clients of both genders through creative family law marketing ideas!

Attorney Websites

The most important thing you can do is to have catchy and well-organized law firm sites. Your attorney website should state all the services your firm offers, with pages directed towards target audience members. For example, on your family law firm website, consider adding a page for both mothers’ rights and fathers’ rights. Make sure a link to each of these pages is visible at the top of your main site page, so that visitors immediately see that your firm is ready to assist anyone!

You may also consider adding a paragraph on the front page of your website openly stating that your family law firm is for the whole family – mothers and fathers included. Let clients know that you realize a divorce, separation, or custody battle affects the whole family, not one gender. You can emphasize this with a photo on the front page of an attorney shaking hands with a male client!

Social Media

Social media is another great tool for law firm marketing. Your firm should have, at the very least, a Facebook page – and this page is a great place to post photos and client testimonials. Share photos of your firm assisting clients of both genders. A photo of a father happily reunited with his child could go a long way! You can also share reviews from satisfied clients of both genders.

Law Firm Sites marketing and SEO teams work with their clients to ensure that their law firm websites and social media marketing appeals to a wide demographic. They can help you to share photos, reviews, and your firm’s mission to make both male and female clients feel welcomed. Watch your client base expand in no time!

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