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Don’t Annoy Your Visitors: 6 Things to Avoid on Your Website

April, 13 2018
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Jo Stephens

Marketing for law firms isn’t just about knowing how to write content. It’s also about knowing how to avoid major website problems. Law firm marketers should always avoid the six problems below.

Auto-Play Videos

Loud videos that play automatically on loading a site are startling and unpleasant. Lawyers advertising themselves through these videos are sure to lose clients who are annoyed by the unwelcome messages.

Slow-Loading Pictures

One of the cardinal sins of law marketing is slowing down your page. One of the easiest way to do this is with pictures that are slow-loading. If you have a choice between a slowly-loading picture and no picture at all, choose the latter.

Bad Fonts

Lawyer advertising should always be professional. Choosing non-standard fonts is a great way to make your content unreadable and make your potential clients feel like your firm is unprofessional.

Launch Pages

While having a nice home-page is ideal, one of the most annoying law marketing cliches is having a launch page that simply takes you to another home-page. Don’t make your potential clients do extra work to figure out how to contact you!

PDF Files

If you’ve got articles on your site, have them on your site. Don’t commit this sin of lawyer advertising by making anyone download a .PDF file. It’s a lazy way to host files and it will cause too many problems for your potential clients.

Mobile Unfriendly Content

If you want to succeed in marketing for law firms, you need content that is mobile friendly. If you have anything on your site that won’t work on a smartphone browser, get rid of it. Failure to do so runs the risk of alienating a major part of the market.

As you can tell, making a site that conforms to the best practices of law firm marketers can be tough. If you want a good site for your firm, consider working with Law Firm Sites. Law Firm Sites can help you to create an excellent site for your law practices that not only avoids these major pitfalls, but that will be designed to bring in new clients to your practice.

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