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The Difference Between Static and Dynamic Web Sites

May, 02 2013
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Consider the Pros and Cons

When a law firm is considering creating a website for their services, there are many aesthetic traits to consider. Simple web page designs may have their advantages, but a law firm website with a more dynamic approach can also land more clients. These issues include many pros and cons to whether a law firm or a lawyer should establish what are called static and dynamic websites.

Static Website

A static website is a website that provides very basic information. Aesthetically, this means that the website is made up of several web pages that are not connected by a database or through specific web coding. If a lawyer needs to edit one page, then only one page needs to be edited. A lawyer website that is static is usually easy to create and typically cheaper.

Ironically, this is one of the more complex websites one can invest in. This is because the content and coding is pre-packaged by a web developer. When editing needs to be done or there is a website issue, the lawyer or law firm needs to ask the web developer to edit the website. Because of this, many static websites are typically not edited frequently. Static websites then are easy to make and cheaper, but they are not easy to edit or in direct control of the owner.

Dynamic Website

A dynamic website is a website where the website content is connected by scripts. The webpages are all interfaced together. This allows for seamless web editing. Developers of dynamic websites allow for the user to easily edit and add content to the website. Such as, a private lawyer or anyone at the law firm. This allows for consistent updates on the website compared to a static website. However, dynamic websites are more expensive to develop. Furthermore, the hosting and software needed to facilitate the websites is also expensive.

The Choice Is Yours

Choosing whether to have a static or dynamic website for a law firm or a private practice is a question that needs to be wrestled with. Both websites have their advantages and disadvantages. So, considering what is best for the law firm or the private practice is important.

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