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Benefits of Blogging for Lawyers

March, 15 2022
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Jo Stephens

You’re an expert in your field of law. You’ve studied hard, represented difficult cases, and have built a firm you’re proud of. But your client pool hasn’t been as strong lately as you’d like. How can you start drawing in new clients without spending a dime?

 The answer is simple: start a blog

Many lawyers are surprised when we recommend that they create a blog for their website. Some attorneys love the idea, but many do not understand the purpose that a blog may serve for their website. 

A lot of attorneys feel that they do not have the time and energy to keep an updated blog for their website, or they think a blog is unprofessional for their website. 

However, law firm blogs have massive benefits. Here’s why:

Benefits of Law Firm Website Blogs

Free Expertise Brings In New Clients

The biggest reason for blogging for lawyers is to create organic traffic that comes to your site without having to pay for it or send out hundreds of link requests. By using keyword-rich posts on relevant topics, people will naturally find your site. It’s central to attorney SEO marketing.

By writing high-quality blog posts about the law content you know best, you’ll be seen by potential clients as the expert they’re looking for to represent them.

An Active Blog Will Boost Your Search Engine Results

Search engines like Google love content on your website. With more awesome content on your lawyer website, you have more of a chance that potential customers will find your business. Blogs will assist you in showing off your experience and expertise in the legal field through genuine content.

Having multiple blogs surrounding your niche will tell search engines how they should categorize and rank your site

For example, if you want to rank for a keyword or topic such as, “Divorce Lawyers in Orange County”, creating blogs about grounds for divorce, child custody, property division, etc. will show Google what type of information you provide. 

As you do this lawyer SEO strategy consistently, you’ll begin to notice that you get organic traffic to your site full of real users that are looking for your services. 

You’ll Stand Out From Your Competitors

How many lawyer websites do you see that have an active, engaging blog that’s updated regularly?

Don’t worry. It’s not like you need to put out five blog posts a day in order to stand out. But when a visitor lands on your site and sees that you’ve been putting out new content once a week or so, they’ll see that you’re serious about the type of law that you practice.

Save You Time

Chances are, you get a lot of phone calls from people simply wanting off-the-cuff advice. While this may be innocent enough, it can be an incredible waste of time for your paralegals and secretaries to constantly funnel questions to you. Establish a blog and give them the answers ahead of time.

How Law Firm Sites Can Help

If you want to start a blog as part of your content marketing strategy but would like some expert help with managing it, be sure to contact our team here at Law Firm Sites. 

Do you want to see your site with a new look?