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Attorneys & Legal Malpractice – Pitfalls to Avoid

October, 17 2016
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Jo Stephens
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A legal malpractice claim against you as an attorney can have devastating consequences. The exposure in the specific case can significant. However, the fallout from a legal malpractice claim lodged against you can do permanent damage to your professional life.

45% of all legal malpractice claims arise from administrative errors or client relations problems. Theoretically, these are both areas to lessen the likelihood of an issue and a potential legal malpractice claim.

21st Century Client Relations Begin at a Law Firm Website

The reality is, communications with a potential client commence, in most cases, when an individual visits an attorneys website in search of legal assistance. In addition, existing clients turn to a law firm website for information. As well as to communicate with counsel once an attorney and client relationship begins.

A key strategy to employ to lessen the odds of a client-relation based legal malpractice claim is to ensure the content and functionality of your website is in order. Professional assistance in this regard is a wise course for you to take. For instance, like engaging the services of Law Firm Sites at to assist in developing and maintaining an ideal website for a law practice.

Common Administrative Errors that Give Rise to Malpractice Claims

Common administrative errors that give rise to legal malpractice claims include incorrectly calendaring court deadlines and hearings. Missed hearings and deadlines can have devastating consequences for a client’s case. There are situations when one or more of these mistakes occur that a client’s case might end up being dismissed by the court.

These administrative issues will be addressed both with reliable software solutions as well as system redundancy. The combination of these two strategies significantly lessens the prospect that something will go awry. Especially in regard to docketing and deadlines.

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