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9 Ways to Promote Your Lawyer Blog Post

February, 11 2022
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Ben Johnson

Imagine this: You’ve created an awesome blog post, come up with great examples to explain your point, and your expertise and experience are really showcased in the writing. 

But no one is seeing it. 

Making sure people read your blog post isn’t as simple as just uploading your writing to your site. There are many other steps you need to take in order to be discovered. 

Fortunately, there are quite a few things you can (and should) do to help with this problem. 

Here are nine ways that you can promote your blog post. 

1. Create Visual Content For Your Law Firm Blog

You’ve probably written up plenty of text content for your law firm website. 

And that’s not a bad thing! This is an integral part of blog writing for lawyers. 

In addition to your paragraphs and sentences, consider designing visualized content such as an infographic or video that can aid in the message you’re wanting to share. 

creating visual content

There are multiple benefits to creating visual content. 

For one, it is easier for users to share visual content on social media. Since social media is an incredibly important tool for promoting law firm blogs, it is best to promote your blog in a way that suits social media. Visual content is also easier for users to share via email, too. 

Also, visual content is easier to remember than pure text alone. 

2. Optimize Your Blog

Another method of effectively promoting law firm sites is to make sure that they are optimized for search (in other words, attorney SEO marketing). 

optimized blog

One thing that you should do as part of lawyer SEO is to target the appropriate keywords. You have to figure out which keywords are most relevant to the blog post that you are promoting. This can help drive traffic to your blog post. 

You do also have to include keywords that relate to the rest of your site and services, that way, your site’s overall rankings can improve.  

You should also include internal links to other pages on your site that are related to it. Additionally, it is important you optimize the meta information and the headers for SEO, as well. 

3. Link Build

Link building is one of the many things that you have to do to properly promote blog posts on law firm websites. 

You can do this via several different methods. 

One way that you can link build for law websites is to allow guest posting on your website. Guest posting can help drive traffic from the guest’s website to yours and it can also establish a positive relationship between the guest and you.

As a result, guest posting can prove beneficial for your blog, both from a short-term perspective and from a long-term perspective. 

link building strategy email

Another method that you can use to link build is to contact other sites that could enjoy some kind of benefit from linking to your blog.

For example, a smaller legal advice site could benefit from linking to one of your legal service pages. This then benefits you because it drives traffic to your site and it benefits the legal advice site because it provides useful resources for their users. 

4. Share the Blog on Social Media

Social media is an increasingly vital part of any effective online promotion these days. Social media for lawyers can prove to be quite beneficial for your post if used correctly. 

share blog on social media

First, it is important to examine your blog post carefully and figure out which social media platform is most suitable to use in promoting the post. 

You can also pay to further promote your blog post on social media if you want. 

As part of your law firm social media, it is good to interact with your users as much as possible.

You can interact with your audience in quite a few ways.

One simple method of interacting with your online audience on social media is to respond to comments. 

This encourages future comments since your audience knows that you are responsive. You can respond to comments on social media platforms like Twitter, YouTube, Facebook, and others. 

5. Answer Questions on Sites like Quora or Reddit

Answering questions is another thing that you can do to interact with your site’s users. Two of the more prominent sites where you can answer questions are Reddit and Quora.

quora and reddit

This also gives you the chance to provide further information about your site and your business. 

6. Newsletters and Emails

A newsletter can be a good part of SEO for attorneys in that it can provide quite a lot of information about your site in a more targeted promotion. 


You won’t have to worry too much about promoting your site too broadly if you are using a newsletter to do so. It is unlikely that people who sign up for a newsletter aren’t interested in your site. You should include a link to your site in your newsletter. 

You can also promote your site and your blog post more specifically via email. Email is another targeted method of promotion and an informational email can promote your site quite effectively. 

7. Feature Your Blog on Your Site’s Other Pages

It is a good idea to promote your blog on your site as much as possible to use law firm SEO services effectively. The more pages on your site promote your blog, the more likely it is that your blog will show up higher in the Google search rankings.

link to blog

You can link to your blog on one of your service pages when it is relevant, for example. It is also best to promote more recent blog posts as much as possible, too. 

As with any type of blog post, your users are more interested in more recent posts than they are in older posts. More recent posts are also more likely to include up-to-date information, as well. To this end, you can set up a widget on your site that will feature your blog on your site’s other pages. 

8. Include Social Sharing Buttons

As previously stated, effective usage of social media is critical for any online promotion of your blog post. As a result, one thing that you can do to promote your blog is to include social sharing buttons. These allow your users to easily share your content on various social media platforms. This can further help drive traffic to your blog in general and specific blog posts as well. 

social sharing content

It is best to give your users as many options as possible. After all, if your users share your content to multiple social media platforms, then the potential for increased traffic is greater than if it is shared on only one social media platform. Additionally, it is difficult to be sure which social media platform your users use most frequently, so more social sharing buttons make sense. 

9. Repurpose Your Content

It is understandable if you prefer to stick with your blog as your primary form of content. However, it is best to create content in a variety of formats so that you can attract the most users possible. Some of these potential users might not read blogs regularly, so your blog post might not appeal to them as much. One popular form of content these days is YouTube videos.

Thankfully, you can create a YouTube account and upload videos on this platform totally for free. You can pay for YouTube to promote your videos, though. 

Something else you can do to supplement blogging for attorneys is to start a podcast. Podcasts are another form of content that has grown quite a bit in popularity in recent years. There are podcasts on every topic that you can imagine, so don’t worry if you don’t think that your podcast will appeal to users.

start a podcast

Podcasts also vary in episode length, so it is fine if you create shorter podcast episodes. You should ensure that you have high-quality audio recording equipment before you start a podcast, though. 

You can also create an infographic that is based on your blog, as well. Infographics can also convey information effectively because they are typically more visually appealing than a simple blog post. Again, it is best to evaluate your infographic and figure out which social media platform is most suitable for promoting the infographic. You should also carefully choose which information to include in the infographic. 

Law Firm Sites Can Help You Promote Your Blog Post

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