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Don’t Land in the Junk Folder! Which Law SEO Email Services Work & Don’t Work

August, 29 2018
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Jo Stephens
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A proper email service is a critical part of any SEO for lawyers. Lawyer SEO is a way to help law firms rank in search engines by optimizing their online content. Although law SEO has some unique characteristics, it functions the same as any other content. Finding an email service that can handle and distribute SEO law is critical. There are countless email providers out there, but only a few can help with SEO for lawyers. This article will review some email services that can handle law SEO and others that can’t.

G-mail, offered by Google, is one of the most reliable free email services. It automatically organizes emails based on categories and even helps protect against spam. For those firms really wanting to increase their SEO law, there are much better paid platforms. Mail Chimp and Aweber are amongst the most popular email services that can help lay firms automate their email processes with auto-responses, follow-ups and even scheduling. Another great feature of these services is that they can incorporate lawyer SEO automatically into every email.

There are many email services that should be avoided as they can hurt SEO for lawyer and the firm. A majority of free email platforms don’t have the functionality that law firms will require. Lawyers should be hesitant to rely on any platform that doesn’t have a sustained track record or good reviews. In fact, relying on free services is quite risky altogether unless a firm is using the email for unimportant things. For sending sensitive documents related to actual cases, it is important to use a service with adequate protection.

One of the most difficult parts of managing email for law firm is finding the ‘fine line’ between adding value to clients and being a nuisance. If too little emails are sent, clients will forget that the law firm exists and won’t interact. Too many emails however, can end up being a nuisance. The ‘fine line’ is where a law firm still provides consistent value without scaring clients away. The exact number will be unique to each law firm.

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