Writing Great Title Tags

January 08, 2018

Are You Creating Effective Title Tags for Your Attorney Website?

Using the right title tags will help you achieve a higher search ranking for your law firm website marketing. Found in a web page’s “head” section, this meta element tells search engines and visitors what the respective page is about. In most cases, search engines use a web page’s title tag for its search listing title.

Unfortunately, many lawyers and legal professionals overlook the importance of title tags when designing their websites. As a result, they experience low, stagnant search rankings while their competitors continue to climb higher and higher.

Include Target Keywords

When creating title tags for your website, include the keyword or keywords for which you are trying to rank. If you want to rank for “Utah divorce lawyer,” for instance, include that phrase in the page’s title tag. Search engines are more likely to rank your web page for a keyword if that specific keyword is found in the page’s title tag.

Keep Under 60 Characters

It’s also important to keep your title tags under 60 characters. While there’s technically no character limit for title tags, search engines like Google only display the first 60 characters. Exceeding this limit prevents search engines from displaying your titles properly.

Unique Title Tags

Never use the exact same title tag on multiple web pages. Every page on your site should be given a unique title tag. After all, there’s no reason why you should have the same content published on multiple pages. Therefore, every title tag should be unique. Otherwise, Google may penalize you for repeating title tags.

Professional Title Tag Optimization

The good news is you don’t have to create all of the title tags for your law firm website. By partnering with a professional digital marketing agency like Law Firm Sites, you can focus on what matters most: improving and growing your legal business. With more than 15 years of experience, Law Firm Sites is the premier leader of legal website design and law firm website marketing.