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4 Reasons Why Visitors Leave Your Law Firm Website

March, 22 2022
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Ben Johnson
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If you’ve worked really hard to get people to your site through SEO strategies, the last thing you want is for all of those potential clients to leave because something was wrong with your website. The following are reasons why visitors might leave your website quickly. 

Why Visitors Might Be Leaving Your Site Quickly

1. Slow site speed

To give your users a good experience, you probably need to increase your site speed. Your clients expect your website to load within two seconds. If you have not achieved that yet, you need to redesign your website. Consult your designer and developer to figure out how to implement the fastest legal web design possible.

2. Non-responsive design

Most web users today access sites through their mobile phones. If your legal website design is not optimized for mobile users, then your visitors will leave as soon as they arrive.

If you have no clue on how to make your law firm website design responsive or optimize your legal content for mobile use, then look for an attorney marketing firm. Otherwise, you might not have much traffic.

3. Outdated Design

Website modernity, or lack thereof, is a huge driver of traffic to your website. Every client visiting your website is judging you depending on your website modernity. Unfortunately, most law firm sites have not been updated in ages. You need to be competitive online as you are in other aspects of your legal business.

4. Poor content

Content is key to website traffic. Your website content should be original, unique, authoritative as well as informative. If your visitors do not learn anything when they visit your site, they will definitely walk away. 

Search engines and users are keen on the content you post. Their algorithms are designed to maximize user experience; if your website is identified to contain irrelevant, low-quality content, it will be punished by search engine bots. Therefore, you will not receive visitors.

How Can You Tell If Visitors are Leaving?

There are a couple of metrics that you can look at to see if your website users are leaving quickly:

Average Time on Page/Session Duration

This metric explains how long users are spending on your page. If they’re not spending very long on a page, it might be an indication that you need to change something. 

Bounce Rate

This is one of the most useful metrics when determining how well your pages are performing. A bounce occurs when a visitor leaves your website without doing any actions (so, they leave after only seeing one page). You want this rate to be as low as you can. 

What to do next

If you’ve noticed that your site’s pages aren’t performing as you’d hoped and visitors are leaving, be sure to contact an expert in lawyer SEO marketing. Our experienced team can help you develop some strategies to improve your numbers and ultimately get you more cases. 

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