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Why do a Competitor Analysis?

December, 19 2016
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Jo Stephens
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The internet is the yellow pages of the 21st century. When people want to find a business, they check out the internet. Websites for law firms are a necessary for the 21st century just like a yellow page ad was imperative for legal firms in the 20th century. It should go without saying that it’s important to be at the top of the search results pertinent to your law firm. An important tool in getting to the top of the search results is law firm competitor analysis.

What is a law firm competitor analysis?

Competitor analysis requires that you take a look at your competitor’s site, see what they are doing, and see how they ranking in the search engine for the terms that you need to top ranking for. It’s a strategic marketing tool that helps you rank your site higher in the search results and helps you get more clients for less marketing expenses.

Why do a law firm competitor analysis?

Some people may wonder why a competitor analysis is even needed. Why not just make an awesome site and let the search engines do the rest? SEO and SEM is a constantly changing industry. Think of it as a process of continuous improvement. A competitor analysis is a path to continuous improvement.

What to look for in a law firm competitor analysis?

There are few ways that you can tackle competitor analysis. Since it does require skill and knowledge, it’s best handled by a professional who knows the in and out of SEM. Cursory searching can help you get an overview though.

Search for the site using your specialty area and city. For example, if you were a family law attorney in Peoria, you’d search for family law attorney in Peoria. Take a look at the top sites and write down the answers to these questions and any others you can think of. These will help provide a good list of strengths and weaknesses to evaluate.

What keywords are they using?
Does the site have a blog? How often are blog posting made?
Are there videos? Client testimonials? Pictures?
Is there question and answer section?
How many pages are on the site?

This can be a time-consuming exercise and that’s why it can be a smart move to go with those who have expertise in SEO and SEM to help you build a better legal site. The experts at Law Firm Sites have this expertise to help your legal firm reach the top of the search engines.

Do you want to see your site with a new look?