What Pages You Should Make Sure Are On Your Website

25 Oct, 2019

Law firm websites should include certain pages to inform and attract potential clients. By having a professional and informative website, you will be able to establish a positive image of your law firm to those who visit the site. Law Firm Sites specializes in creating websites for law firms and can provide input about what to include.

What pages should you make sure are on your website?
Some pages that you should include on law firm websites include:

  • Attorney and staff biographies–prospective clients want to learn about the attorneys with whom they may be working. By sharing a brief biography, potential clients will be able to learn more about your firm. There may be common backgrounds and interests that will attract the attention of visitors to the website.
  • Practice areas–a description of the areas in which your firm practices is important to include. This allows potential clients to be aware of exactly what services you can provide.
  • Contact options–a page listing basic contact information is necessary so clients know how to reach you. You should include at least a phone number and address. You may also want to include email addresses and chat options, so clients can contact you by alternative means.

How Law Firm Sites can help
Law Firm Sites has created a variety of different websites for law firms. We strive to fashion web pages that are specific to each firm and its image. We can provide input about ways to best market your law firm, the attorneys and your services in the most productive way. Because of our experience creating websites, we can provide advice about the design and layout that will best suit your firm.

For assistance with developing, modifying or maintaining a law firm website, contact us to learn what we can offer.

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