What is SEO, and does my law website design need it?

June 22, 2015
google building

SEO stands for Search Engine Optimization. The major search engines, like Google, Yahoo, and Bing have to decide what order they display the results for a particular search term. This is critical for your business and needs to be a factor in your law website design. Search engines determine this order with a number of factors, such as these and many more:

  • Relevancy- does your site have anything to do with the search term?
  • Page Rank- do other sites link to your page?
  • Quality of Content- is your site worth going to? Will it answer the question of the search term?
  • Newness of Content- how long has it been since you have updated your site?
  • Keywords- does your site contain commonly searched for keywords?
  • Penalties- do you have any mirrored content? Are you mobile friendly?

Does having a website mean I’m “advertising online?”

Although having a website is now critical to finding new customers, simply having a site is not the same thing as advertising online. While having a relevant, useful, fully functional site will certainly help; there are many other techniques that we can use to help your site stand out from the hundreds or thousands of similar businesses with sites like yours.

How does having good SEO help my business?

How many lawyers are in your area? When someone does a search for lawyers near them, are you showing up on the first page of results? It is very rare for a potential client to even bother with the second page of Google results. If you aren’t on the first page, your odds of being seen are quite low. Having good SEO work done on your site will give your page the best chance of being noticed by potential customers.

Can I do it on my own?

Possibly. Do you have the time to run reports, analyze the data, and write continuous content for your site? While having new clients is vital to your business, it is even more important to put your time and energy into making the best client experiences possible. Let the experts focus on your visibility and rankings, while you focus on changing lives in the legal field.

I need better SEO, who can help me?

At Law Firm Sites Inc. we are experts in law website design and SEO management. We have several SEO packages that include Google Metrics, keyword tracking, blog writing, Google compliance to avoid penalties, and social media campaigns. Call Law Firm Sites Inc. at (800) 932-6030 for a consultation about your site’s current ranking and what we can do to help.