What Do the Colors on Legal Website Convey?

July 26, 2019
color on website

When designing websites for lawyers, Law Firm Sites, always places a lot of focus on color. Naturally, you want the colors on your site to present a professional feel and to present your text in a way that’s easy to read. Colors must complement each other and avoid clashing or looking garish. It’s also important, however, that you consider how colors make people feel when considering law firm website design.

Blue is a very popular choice in law firm website design, and with good reason. Both men and women commonly cite blue as their favorite color, and it’s one that even many colorblind people can recognize. Blue also creates feelings of trust, power, confidence and success. Potential clients want a lawyer they feel they can trust and have faith in, and blue conveys this feeling well.

A color of passion and action, red is commonly incorporated into websites for lawyers. Red conveys a sense of urgency and speed, making it an excellent choice for links that encourage site visitors to contact your law firm for help. Red encourages clients to contact you without delay and conveys the message that you’ll handle their case with urgency and prompt attention.

Yellow and Orange
The colors orange and yellow both tend to convey optimism and warmth. These welcoming tones are useful when you want to calm clients, assuring them that they need not worry about their case because you’ll carry their burden for them.

Black and Gray

Gray is a background color often chosen by Law Firm Sites’ clients. It is clean and calming while meshing well with most other colors. Black appears commonly on sites, as well, since darker colors grab attention before lighter ones. Black is often used in headings and titles for this reason. Black can also create a sense of elegance and quality, but can seem morbid and dark if overused.

Clearly, law firms shouldn’t choose the colors used on their website haphazardly. While the colors you choose do need to compliment each other and look good together, they can also help you send the desired message to your site’s visitors. Choose your colors carefully to make sure they support your brand and message.