How website design plays a role in a law firm’s marketing plan

May 16, 2013
marketing plan

The legal profession is driven by credibility. As potential clients look for your firm’s website online, they are looking for certain visual cues that tip your firm’s credibility. Quality law firm website design is an essential component of your marketing plan.

Law websites require a design philosophy with an emphasis on seriousness and information. You’re offering a service that is going to be an important part of a client’s life. It could be for the next few months or even years. That requires a website that showcases the firm’s competence in a thoughtful manner. And, that addresses the issues the client will face.

Your clients do judge a book by its cover. Research has shown users reject the credibility of a website in less than one second!

You want your firm’s website to register in the visitor’s mind as a positive experience that will yield results. This means a crisp, serious layout that enables users to quickly find the information they need. In the case of law websites, this means using appealing color choices that conform to the norms of the legal profession. The font choices need to be limited and project seriousness.

For a typical website, studies have shown roughly 60% of all traffic arrives through search engines such as Google. If new clients are ever to find your firm, the firm’s website will need serious search engine optimization (SEO). SEO is the practice of designing a website to attract the clients most suited to your firm. The ethics requirements of most states are also important. When you are selecting a firm to handle your web design and SEO needs, you need a design company that won’t cut corners or skirt the rules.

Your law firm needs a web design company that will help it navigate the pitfalls of web design, hosting and SEO. When you make that decision, you need a company as savvy in the web trade as you are in the legal profession. Finally, contact us to find out how we can upgrade your law firm’s web presence today.