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Trustworthy? When You Should (And Shouldn’t) Trust Reviews

May, 25 2018
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Jo Stephens

In today’s day and age, consumers are more suspicious than ever of online marketing. And this is a troubling situation for many businesses. At Law Firm Sites, we understand that customers often don’t know how to tell if a review is trustworthy or not. The real way to tell is made up of several elements. Here is what to look out for the next time you see an online review:

A Good Reputation

The first, and foremost, sign to look out for is the general reputation of the lawyer review website. If your fellow attorneys mention it often in a good light, then chances are it is reputable. Smaller-time review sites are not as easily verifiable and should be taken with a grain of salt.

Multiple Reviews from Different Names and Types of Customers

If every single review comes from the same type of name and region, it is likely that they are falsified. While unfortunate, many businesses do create fake lawyer review websites to take advantage of unsuspecting business owners and customers. That’s why at Law Firm Sites reviews are always vetted and placed honestly on the most reputable sites.

No Cost to See Reviews

Consumers should never have to pay to see the reviews. If so, then this is a surefire scam. Always aim for review sites that rank you organically based on real reviews.

At Law Firm Sites, we help you with a number of needs for your law firm marketing websites. This includes mobile attorney website design and more. At Law Firm Sites Inc reviews are of the utmost importance for our clients. That’s why when you use Law Firm Sites reviews for your business are posted on the best and most popular review sites. This ensures you can get more brand traction, trust, and profits for your firm now and into the future, no matter what kind of law you practice.

When it comes to Law Firm Sites Inc Reviews, you know you’re in good hands. Great reviews are the lifeblood of any law firm. They let you enjoy peace of mind knowing that your customers get an honest, positive view of your company when they are searching online no matter what.

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