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Trending: Top 7 Mobile Attorney Website Design Trends of 2017

November, 27 2017
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Jo Stephens
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As someone who runs or operates your law firm’s online presence, you need to understand how to stay ahead of the game. If you don’t, you may fall behind and lose clients you could have won over otherwise. And the landscape of the internet is always changing today with how fast innovations occur in technology. Therefore, here are the top 7 mobile attorney website design trends of 2017:

1. Mobile

Mobile attorney website design is a hot trend in 2017. Many more users than ever are using their phones to find information. Make sure your site is compatible with mobile devices.

2. UX

Legal web designs have evolved. Today, you virtually have to have an entertainment experience on your website. It should be creative and engaging, not plain and boring.

3. SEO

It is a mistake to neglect SEO. Proper SEO lets you rank higher when users are searching in your market. With better organic ranking, you can serve more people with your legal advice.

4. PPC

Don’t shy away from investing money in paid advertising. Not everyone who visits your site will convert. However, a select few will become leads who you can turn into clients over time.

5. Content Marketing

Content marketing means making great written content that engages your audience. When you create enough of it, your SEO increases. This is one of the most powerful trends of the year.

6. Secure

Search engines want secure sites. If your site isn’t using https, it should be. It’s better for rankings, but also it’s good business practice.

7. Outsourcing the Work

Using a professional design firm like Law Firm Sites is a great way to give yourself more time to focus on your business. Let the tech experts from a lawyer website design company help you with your design while you continue to practice law and boost your revenue.

When it comes to your online marketing, don’t take a risk. Let Law Firm Sites help you build a timeless, yet trendy website. Their expert designers, developers, and marketers can help you have a better usability and organic ranking on your site. That way more of your potential clients find your website and convert to paying customers.

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