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Tracking Your Leads: How to Find where your clients came from

November, 13 2017
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Jo Stephens
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Lawyers use lead generation tools to learn more about clients and to find more leads. You must work with information that is useful and relevant. An online attorney has leads from all over the world and must find out where they are coming from. Most attorneys can market to clients only in the city or county where they work. It’s important to know where your leads come from and how you can contact them.

How Lead Tracking Works

Lead tracking sites, or software, use analytics to manage sales leads. You set up an online form that generates leads on your website. Then, you use various marketing tools to find as many as you can.

Much of the work is monitoring the results. Many programs have real-time analytics that track updates the moment they occur. You have to wait until the leads come in and track the performance of your campaign.

How Lawyers Benefit

Tracking leads is necessary to keep tabs on potential customers. Your leads fill out specialized contact forms that include all of the details about their visits. You learn about their names, dates, geographic locations and activities.

Learn more about the types of customers who contact you and then monitor the pages they view, the number of times, etc. Knowing where they come from is important because it helps you to create a more effective campaign. Lawyers receive more business when they market to areas that have higher crime rates and where people face more legal problems.

How Law Firm Sites Help Create Your Law Firm Marketing Plan

Law firm sites are available with the right tools to generate leads, track them and monitor the results. Use their services to blend an effective law firm marketing plan with an user-friendly Web design. You create a modern website design that incorporates marketing tools. Technical support professionals are available to improve up-time and make any changes to your site, if needed.

Tracking leads helps any lawyer to improve the outcomes of doing business. You may have a legal website that attracts new leads, but you need more. You also need the services of law firm sites to monitor your leads and continuously build a better campaign.

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