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Thumbs Down? How to Handle Unfriendly Reviews – Part 1

August, 06 2018
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Jo Stephens
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Thumbs Down? How to Handle Unfriendly Reviews

Have you Googled your law firm recently? You may be surprised to find somebody has left a bad review either about your legal website or your firm on a lawyer review website. Consumers make purchase decisions based on reviews. It’s becoming important for all types of local businesses to maintain a Google My Business (GMB) profile consisting of high ratings and positive feedback. That’s where we come in. Law Firm Sites is a web design and digital marketing firm that specializes in SEO law within the legal industry. In addition, our team of law firm web designers and marketers has a track record of helping our clients find success online. We’ve created outstanding designs for our clients and have a long history of doing SEO for lawyers.

We also understand that reviews can make or break a business’ online presence. We’ve helped many law firms manage their reputation online. We do this by being proactive rather than reactive.

Here are some of the things we do to ensure your SEO law reputation is built and maintained:

– We monitor multiple online channels (social media, forums, blogs, industry sites, news outlets, etc.) to ensure that your reputation is protected.

– Also, we reach out to past clients to help your law firm to build positive reviews for your Google My Business profile.

– We work to turn bad reviews around. We understand how to approach unsatisfied users and customers in the right manner. In many cases, they will change their negative review into a positive one.

– We identify and take advantage of opportunities that can turn into mentions and glowing reviews.

– Finally, we protect your practice from false reviews submitted by your competitors and non clients.

Finally, there is a relationship between high quality web design, online reputation management, and SEO. If you’re struggling with your digital marketing, allow Law Firm Sites to assist you. Call them today at (800) 932-8242. Furthermore, their law firm web designers, SEO for lawyers experts, and reputation management team has a proven track record. They will and can help your practice find success with your legal website.

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