Strategy: PPC vs. SEO-Which is Better for Attorneys?

July 31, 2018
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Utilizing A Mixture Of SEO For Lawyers And PPC

Marketing your attorney website can be done by utilizing different strategies. Two key ways to accomplish this is by using Law SEO keywords or pay per click advertising. While both of these marketing tools are excellent for generating traffic, they do have their pros and cons.

SEO for Lawyer Websites

Web Design for Lawyers should be done so when a potential client lands on your website, they understand exactly what services you provide and recognize your expertise as an attorney. This is accomplished by creating an aesthetically pleasing site. Furthermore, by including keywords associated with SEO for Lawyers where the content has a specific purpose.

By implementing specific keywords related to your location and services, this helps generate organic traffic and brings in individuals who are searching for your services. Using Law SEO increases your position in search engines to help your site rank higher than competitors.

One of the cons of using SEO Law terms for your marketing, is the time it takes. You might not see results for up to several months after you implement your strategies. When implemented correctly by a law firm website design team like Law Firm Sites, it will increase targeted traffic. However, you will need patience for this marketing tactic to provide results.

PPC for Lawyer Websites

In contrast, when you use PPC as a marketing technique to generate new clients, you can quickly reach your target audience. This is done by positioning your ads in prominent positions in the search engines.

This also allows you to control your budget and how much is spent each day. PPC experts at Law Firm Sites can create campaigns, run split tests and work on getting you a high-quality score so that PPC advertising fits your budget.

While the advantages of using PPC provides you with data and flexibility, it can come at a higher cost than Lawyer SEO. Your ads only appear when you pay money for them. However, SEO Law keywords you implement into your law firm website design will keep on working year after year.

Lawyer SEO Marketing Or PPC?

Using both PPC and SEO for Lawyers is best in order to get clients and build a website which generates new clientele. Successful Web Design for Lawyers will use a mix of both tactics. PPC will bring in immediate traffic and SEO for Lawyer keywords will continue to generate leads over time.

Law Firm Sites can help you decide the mixture of both techniques best suited to helping you generate new clients.