Where Do You Draw the Line? Is Social Media Data Collection Going Too Far?

September 04, 2018
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Where Do You Draw the Line? Is Social Media Data Collection Going Too Far?

When it comes to law firm website design, one of the things you should be considering is how your law SEO information can be collected. If you use your site as your main messaging platform then you can convey the brand you want. However, you need to watch your social media conduct. Here is what you should know:

Keeping it Private

There are certain things in life that you just don’t need to share with everyone. Partying, hobbies, and political views are one of these things. With web design law firms need to stay consistent with their brand and that usually means that being professional is a priority.

Have a Law Firm Website Design Team You Trust

For lawyer website design strategies that actually boost your brand and keep yourself out of trouble on social media, you need a law firm web designers team you can rely on. They should understand technology, marketing, and your brand in a way that allows them to drive value.

Cease and Desist

Many platforms, including your site, can have clauses that prevent others from taking your data and reusing it in another form. You should take full advantage of these clauses if they apply in your market. For instance, someone might try to take a quote of yours out of context.

Let Law Firm Sites Help You

Law Firm Sites, along with our quality law firm web designers, can implement a secure platform that allows you to express yourself in the right way online. Using our knowledge of law firm website design and law SEO, we will construct an online presence for you that lets you control what you share and how. When it comes to the modern social media age, you can never be too safe. Companies are scraping info from social media all the time. If you ever post anything that is not in line with your firm’s goals, it could come back to bite you if you don’t control the platform. Use the tips above and make sure your image lines up with how you want to be perceived. That way you can build the right outcome for your firm in the long run.