How does Social Media help my company?

March 20, 2013
social media

Business use of social media is expanding. Recently, the Content Marketing Institute reported that 78 percent of B2B firms are using social media. Further, another 19 percent plan to get involved within 12 months.

The truth is that social media can lead directly to sales but that is not where the real opportunity lies. Consumers like to buy from companies they know, like and trust. Social media gives businesses a great platform to really connect with people. For example, law firm web design firms can interact with law firms and other professionals in the legal field.

Most people would not go to a party with friends and then set up a booth and start selling things. Likewise, a business will get more out of social media if they take the time to get to know their fans and supporters rather than constantly pitching products.

Top Social Media Sites For Business

–Twitter – Twitter is microblogging at its best. There is no better way for a law firm web design to stay connected with clients. Tweets are fast, efficient and economical.

–Facebook – The largest social media site in the world, Facebook allows business owners to set up a company page. Facebook users can “like” the page, expanding the base of people who are interested in a relationship with the brand.

–YouTube – YouTube is the second largest search engine behind Google. Video is a great way to showcase a business. A website design law firm might show employee interviews, helpful tutorials, and shots from “behind the scenes” that help consumers get to know the company better.

–Pinterest – Pinterest allows users to pin photos they like on various pin boards. The majority of consumer goods purchase decisions are made by women and Pinterest users are 75 percent female. For that reason alone, Pinterest is the perfect place to get exposure with consumers.

–LinkedIn – LinkedIn is a social media site for business. While it is not necessarily best for reaching consumers, it is great for B2B companies. The way to get exposure on LinkedIn is to join groups and establish professional connections.

Each of these social media sites give companies like a website design law firm the opportunity to get brand exposure where people are already socializing. Furthermore, it is a long-term strategy that leads to more exposure, more customers and higher sales.