SEO Tips: Location-Based SEO

February 26, 2021
location-based SEO

Phrases like law firm or lawyer are ones that search engines like Google know often carry what they refer to as “local intent.” This means the person typing that word or phrase into the search bar is actually looking for such a service, near them. Moreover, when a potential client like that types such a query into Google, the organic (unpaid) top results are law firms that have put work into their location-based SEO.

One simple move that goes a long way with Google is a Google Business Listing (go figure). They’re free to set up, and you can fill them out with contact information about your law firm. In fact, the more information you include, the better. Of course, you want to include a contact phone number, email, and address, but providing a comprehensive description of your law firm and even pictures (yes, pictures) scores you points with the world’s most powerful search engine—as does responding to client reviews.

You will also benefit from listing your law firm on online directories and listings because Google views these directories as established venues for vetting a business. These include other search engines like Yelp and YellowPages, social sites like Facebook and Twitter, industry-specific directories like or, and government directories like your local chamber of commerce. Just think of it like this: the more your law firm’s name is spread around the internet, the better.

The one thing you’ll want to make extra sure of is that your NAP—name, address, and phone number—are absolutely consistent across each and every place your firm is listed. This can be impossible to keep track of, so you might want to assign someone to keep a spreadsheet of listings and update it any time there is a change.

Then there is work to do on your website itself: you will want to make it content rich in terms of referencing your specific location and/or the areas you serve. That way, when a potential client types a phrase like DUI lawyer near me or divorce lawyer near me or even something like need help defending against drug charge, Google will link you to that person’s query—because in most cases, Google is well aware of where that person is standing or sitting when they’re making their search, even if they don’t’ specifically type in something like lawyer near me.

You’ll benefit from creating a location page for each geographical area you service. Don’t duplicate the content, because Google will see you’re trying to manipulate the system. These pages should include specific location keywords and reference the services you provide. Consider these pages like mini-homepages for each and every town and zip code for which you provide legal services.
Google will reward your SEO for law firm websites efforts by giving your law firm a prime place on its maps. This means that if mobile phone users conduct a search on the go (or at home on their phone), GoogleMaps will put your firm at the top of the search results, in addition to giving it a coveted spot at the top of the organic search listings.

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