SEO Suggestions: Spanish Translations

October 16, 2020

When it comes to SEO, you probably know about the importance of having content, keywords, and competitor research. Something you may not be as familiar with is the importance of having your content optimized with a Spanish translation.

CNN reported that there are an estimated 41 million US residents that speak Spanish. Worldwide, the number is closer to 572 million. This is a market that is simply too large to ignore, and appealing to this market could bring in a lot of business to your firm.

Why Have SEO Spanish Translation?

Engages and attracts more customers

If a Spanish speaking potential customer visits your site, having an option for Spanish languages will more likely keep those customers on your site, and you can appeal to their way of understanding your services and qualifications.

Even if a potential customer is bilingual and speaks English as a second language, they are more likely to choose your business if they can access resources in their native language.

Reaches an International Audience

Especially if your area of practice includes an international aspect (such as immigration), having Spanish translated sites will reach more of those individuals internationally.

Reaches your Local Audience

If you live in an area that has a high Spanish speaking population, you can appeal to that new local customer base.

Improves your SEO

With Spanish translated pages, you may now have twice the amount of pages and opportunities for search engine recognition. This will improve your overall SEO.

How Can LFS Help?

spanish translationSo, how can Law Firm Sites help with this? Why can’t you just use Google translate to translate your pages?

Of course, you can technically do that, but it may not have the effect you would hope for. For one, Google translate isn’t all that reliable. For another, SEO keywords simply can’t be Google translated. There are certain keywords that work better in different languages, so a special research for Spanish keywords is necessary for the success of your Spanish translated pages. Google translating your page really only works when a user has already navigated to your site, and it will not give any benefit to bringing in new users without Spanish keyword research and strategy.

This is why we approach our translation process as more of a “transcreation” than a translation. This truly takes a human touch that Law Firm Sites can provide.

We offer Spanish translating services for your law firm website. We have an in-house Spanish translator that can research Spanish keywords for your website and help your business and website thrive in a diverse world.