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SEO Scams – How to Avoid

September, 23 2016
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Jo Stephens
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Many people who come to Law Firm Sites to have a website professionally built wonder how they’re going to get it to rank on search engines and get found by their clients. is able to not only design a law firm website, but also do to search engine optimization. This ensures it becomes a powerful marketing tool for its owner. Many other providers of SEO services exist, however it is important to recognize common scams that are prevalent in the industry. In 2016, businesses of all sizes and categories are expected to spend $613 billion on digital marketing. While most SEO providers are honest, some have been known to engage in shady tactics.

Can’t Guarantee #1

Anyone thinking of hiring an SEO company should be wary if they guarantee #1 rankings. Especially on major search engines like Google, Bing and Yahoo. A quality SEO company can make a website climb through the rankings and get a better position. However, nobody can guarantee the top spot, especially for highly competitive keywords.

Liar, Liar!

SEO companies claiming that they know someone at Google or have some type of special partnership that gives them a form of “priority submission” are simply lying. Google has never made such partnerships with any SEO firm. Same goes for claiming that they know the Google ranking algorithm. Even most of Google’s employees only know a small part of it. The algorithm is a closely guarded trade secret and is subject to constant changes, both big and small.

Buyer Beware

Secret or undisclosed SEO strategies are another big red flag. Legitimate SEO firms shouldn’t have any problem giving their clients details of what they will do to their website in order to optimize it. And, explain the link building strategies they use. Those who keep referencing “secret SEO strategies” are most likely going to use black-hat SEO methods. These methods may give some results for a short while, but will eventually get a website penalized or banned completely by Google.

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