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SEO Plans for Lawyers: Using Class Action Suits to Gain Visibility

September, 18 2015
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Jo Stephens
SEO plans for lawyers class action

Getting your law degree is great because of the many options you have in which area of law you get to practice. However, many of those areas can create the one thing some lawyers love, and some lawyers dread- the class action lawsuit. Should you allow class action suits in your legal business? We’ll check out some of the pros and cons:


  • Chance to help many people at once
  • Chance to create a real change to correct a problem with the product, company, or policy that inspired the suit
  • Possibility of advertisement and increased name recognition due to the size and effect of the suit
  • Potential for a big payoff


  • Workload could quickly spiral if the suit rapidly multiplies with people who seek to have a claim
  • Risk of negative name recognition if the suit goes poorly
  • Greater risk of loss in terms of time spent if the suit does not pay off

The class action suit against the company Uber is growing both in plaintiffs and in public awareness. The plaintiffs of the suit are three of Uber’s drivers, who are seeking to force Uber to acknowledge that they are actual employees and not just independent contractors. Of course by acknowledging this, Uber would be forced to be responsible for the benefits available to employees but not independent contractors. While popularity for the suit is growing, it is unclear at this stage if there is sufficient legal footing to pursue a successful outcome, or if it will be buried in paperwork until some sort of settlement is reached. There are many regulatory or legally questionable practices about the company Uber, this may not be an issue that brings down the company.

While the pros might generally outweigh the cons, each case is unique, and so is each law firm. If the media-grabbing class action suits aren’t your style, you’ll still need a way to drive traffic to your firm. Getting your website to rank better in the search results is an excellent way of increasing your visibility, without the hassle and madness of a class action suit. Not sure how to improve your site’s visibility? We know the tricks. Contact us today for a free review of your site and to learn about our range of SEO plans for lawyers.

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