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Promotion! Getting your Google+ Profile Out There

December, 26 2017
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Jo Stephens

Use Google Plus to Add to Your Online Presence

Like many other tools provided by Google, a Google + can be very beneficial to attorney marketing when used the right way.

What is a Google + account?

Google Plus is a social media platform created and powered by Google. While each profile contains certain features such as a profile picture and descriptions that are available to the general public, Google Plus allows you to create distinct networks with your connections known as “circles,” which you can use to control what content you share with whom.

Why is Google Plus Valuable in Attorney Advertising?

From a branding standpoint, Google Plus is generally perceived as a more professional service compared to Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter. Although these can be valuable to your law firm marketing as well, as a legal professional you want to develop a formal online presence in particular.
Google Plus can be very helpful in helping you communicate with your various social spheres. You can make a Circle for attorneys that specialize in the same field as you. Then, share with them an important memo about changes in a certain provision of the law. You could also have a separate circle for all of your clients. And even invite them to a family holiday party your firm is having.
The biggest reason why you should consider using Google+ is its Search Engine Optimization potential. Google, after all, is by far the most widely used search engine. A factor of how well it ranks a site is how well it’s bots can read it. They can read a Google Plus account quite easily (as it is the company’s own technology) and rank it higher.
Google+ can be integrated with other tools in Google arsenal (such as Google Maps and your Google Business Page) to allow you to control your online marketing presence effectively.

How Can Law Firm Sites Help?

An online presence can make or break your practice, yet attorneys such as yourself are already too busy with your legal duties to worry about maintaining your Google Plus account and SEO strategy yourselves. Law Firm Sites has a proven track of giving clients more than what they pay for across various virtual fronts. We are not jacks-of-all-trades but full-time Lawyer marketers and know exactly how to maximize your online presence. As well as upholding the high standards of your profession.
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